Young; tall; lean.

Art by Vincent Van Gogh

Why is it so that there is such a row over what becomes of us; it sickens my already-pale heart. Must I shut close the chamber which echoes with your thoughts? Time shall pass as it always has been; lean, I am to your much-awaited approaches. What is there to do but to carve my… Continue reading Young; tall; lean.

Crank Crank Goes The Fan

Art by Franz von Matsch

Not too many people around; not a sound when I think of you. The whirling fan rotates for hours of the midnight - straight while I gaze at your reflection portrayed in the frequently visited corner of my mind. To speak of the heart: a beating device; pump-pump is the sound and round is the… Continue reading Crank Crank Goes The Fan

The Rainy Days Are Yet To Come And The Eternal Sea Is Already Roaring

Art by Robert Bateman

The rain in me drips and platters, runs down the parched surface of my coarse skin, and I find my self in a pool of rainwater which grows and grows until it becomes the sea. The sea in me roars, and engulfs whatever I holdĀ dear. It's dark and deep like the abyss. It spurts up… Continue reading The Rainy Days Are Yet To Come And The Eternal Sea Is Already Roaring

There is no Honey for the Tea served in these Crowded Cafes

Art by Michel Guyon

I'd make a fine stone in the Duck and Drake game - skimming through the surface with the bare necessary contact, to sink when slowed down; you had seen me slowing down and sink with a faint splash, the moment you said it was better that we meet in letters, best we do not meet… Continue reading There is no Honey for the Tea served in these Crowded Cafes

Haiku(s) for Autumn

Art by Leonid Afremov

Autumn winds blow the trees wither, shed their leaves like my tears for you *** The birds chirp at night reminds me of the sound of your jingling earrings *** Intoxication in your love is far more than pegs of rum poured neat *** The mosquitoes bite me in the night as I sit waiting… Continue reading Haiku(s) for Autumn